Philip Slater

I was brought up in a home where the Christian Faith was the most important thing in life. The Bible was read, prayers were made and with my family I attended a local Church. There the Good News about Jesus Christ was explained. This showed me that the reason for all the wrong in the world was that humanity had rejected God’s way. I was shown that sin is doing what God says we must not do – for example, stealing, lying, sexual immorality, swearing, not loving our neighbours and failing to do what he tells us to do – love him with all the intensity of our being and giving him first place in our lives.

Because of what I knew I was aware I had not lived up to what God required of me. I was a sinner. My Church attendance, prayers’ and Bible reading could not make me right with God. I realised that a perfect God could not be satisfied by my imperfection so I needed a Saviour to rescue me. I needed something to happen to me. I needed a personal relationship with God. I learned that Jesus Christ is the Saviour who God sent into the world to take the guilt of my sin upon himself and suffer the death penalty due for my sin.

One night I went to a Christian meeting led by a Senior Officer from the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He told us that we (like him) were all sinners. He said God was able to save from the Power, Penalty and Presence of sin. He said sin was powerful and held people in its grip. Many today are gripped in all sorts of sins and problems which are too big for them to deal with. The penalty of sin is death – not only physical death but in eternity to be dead to the delights of heaven. In heaven the presence of sin with all its tears and pains will be excluded. He showed us that the Bible said whoever confesses and forsakes their sin will, when they believe in Jesus and his great work, be rescued from an eternal hell. God has demonstrated that he accepts the work of Jesus for our sins by bringing him back from the death to life. Christians’ have the Bible’s assurance that Jesus is coming back to earth to take all believers’ to be with him in heaven.

It is now nearly 59 years ago since I took God at his word and trusted him. I am still not in myself perfect, but God says he regards as perfect all who believe in his Son. All through my life I have proved the faithfulness of a Holy God who has never failed me and never will.

The Christian Faith is based on historical fact. The evidence of its reality is experienced in the hearts of those who put it to the test. Will you respond and believe?

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