Doris Allen

Going to a gospel meeting was not in my plan! I was in the habit of attending church from an early age but now it was time to really enjoy myself! Parties, dances and boy friends were on my agenda.

I eventually agreed to go along with some other young people to a meeting at a local church. The message that evening was from the book in the bible called Daniel. It was about a powerful king who one night was attending a great party for all the celebrities in the nation. A message came to him from God and it told him of his own doom. God had weighed him on His scales and found him deficient. Powerful as he was he had tried to put himself above God. He had not recognised God as his ultimate King or God’s goodness to him nor had he learned the lessons from the life of his own father. That very night his life ended along with his kingdom- there was no opportunity to remedy his past.

Quite disturbed by this message I felt I wanted to try to please God in my own way. I went to church and took part in all the church activities. Soon I became a good person in my own eyes and I reckoned that God would be pleased with my efforts.

I knew enough of the bible to recognise that God had given his only Son to die for sinners but I did not feel that I was really a sinner. I thought that I was better than others around me.

I became convicted of my sinful pride and began to be angry that God was not being kind to me.

One evening God in his mercy chose to show me that I was a person “weighed in his scales and found deficient” just like that ancient king. I was afraid but at that point I cried “Save me Lord or I will sink.” He kindly heard my cry and gave me a free pardon. His own dear Son had died to pay the debts of my life.

The years have rolled by and I still attend church but instead of thinking that I can get right with a Holy God my way I know and rejoice that his way leads to everlasting life. We need a Saviour so that even though changes, difficulties and trials still come “He will never leave me nor forsake me” and he has paid the price so that for me the balance on God’s scales has been corrected.

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