Andrew Rowell

I began to think seriously about my life when my eldest brother was killed in a motorbike accident. Some time before his death he had put his trust in Jesus as the only one who is able to rescue us from our sin and guilt. At this time I knew I was afraid of death […]

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Doris Allen

Going to a gospel meeting was not in my plan! I was in the habit of attending church from an early age but now it was time to really enjoy myself! Parties, dances and boy friends were on my agenda. I eventually agreed to go along with some other young people to a meeting at […]

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Dr. John Crosby

Though my parents were good and decent people they were not Christians and I only started to take an interest in Christianity at the age of 22 near the end of my chemistry degree course. This led me to study the Bible and it became increasingly obvious to me that before God I was a […]

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Jean Slater

I had attended Church all my life and for the first 16 years I did not understand what it meant to be a Christian. At that age I became curious because someone I knew had a personal relationship with God. This led me to go to a Church where I heard things I had never […]

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Philip Slater

I was brought up in a home where the Christian Faith was the most important thing in life. The Bible was read, prayers were made and with my family I attended a local Church. There the Good News about Jesus Christ was explained. This showed me that the reason for all the wrong in the […]

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